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Zumo Drone S89 - 4K HD Drone

Zumo Drone S89 - 4K HD Drone

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Looking for a drone with premium features? But don't want to pay the $1,000+ premium price? Introducing the Sumo Drone S89 4K HD Drone. All the features of a ultra premium $1,000+ drone for a fraction of the price.



- 4K Ultra HD camera. Perfect for all your video and photography needs

- Fun & Easy to control. With hundreds of censors, the drone keeps level and balanced at all times. 

- Gesture Photo Control 

- Can fly in a pre drawn trajectory via the app 

- 330 Ft / 100 M Range 

- 15 Min Flight time 

- Includes 2 batteries 

- Fully charges the 1800mAh battery in 45 Min

- One Click Landing



Package list:

1 x Zumo Drone S89 4K HD Drone

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Charging Cable

2 x Lithium Batteries

1 x Storage Bag

4 x Blade Protectors 

4 x Spare Blades

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